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 History of Tawakina

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PostSubject: History of Tawakina   Fri Sep 27 2013, 14:07

Pre 1900 and Early 1900's to late 1910's

Tawakina has existed unofficially for an unrecorded number of years. History was not of much importance prior to state-hood so very little record was kept. Historians have been able to piece together records dating to roughly the 1900s, and more research is continuing into the study of Tawakin history.

In the early 1900s, Tawakina was nothing more than a vast land with many, many tribes. The huge distance between them meant very little ever passed through from tribe to tribe and even then some tribes who were incredible distances away from any others always kept to themselves.

With no connection to the outside world, and barely themselves, technology advancement was slow, but eventual. In the late 1900's, the tribe of Dobbo invented the wheel, and it was seen as a high revolution in progress for all of the tribes. As news spread across the land, the tribes sought a way to bring advancements such as the wheel across all of the tribes, to work together.

A while later, the tribes introduced a council. The council would act as a meeting place for all tribes (or just their chosen representatives) to meet and share ideas, technology, and cultural items. As news of this new council spread throughout the land, more and more tribes were appointing councillors to represent them in the council. The council was held in the perceived 'central' point of Tawakina, Asherton.

Through the new council, various high profile rules were put in place over the next few years, most of which still remain untouched, such as the law banning cars and allocating vehicle research to be strictly for public transport and for improving it. The reasoning for this ruling was that transport that could carry many people would always be more efficient than single person transport.

Not long after, the first horse-pulled bus was created, which featured 8 seats, a drivers seat, and a cargo hold at the back. Tawakina's first bus was created as Daxx Wagon Operator, the now Daxx Bus Co-operation, was formed. Prior to this, horses were the only efficient method of transport, however due to the vast size of Tawakina, despite being the most efficient, they were still very inefficient.

As these wagons were made, they were sent to deliver goods and people between the tribes, and paths were made along main routes, creating the nation's first roads. At this point, the average journey time from Asherton to Emredelle (now Bordertown) was 43 hours non-stop.

Due to this distance, the process of council was a long and slow one, however it was the way that the tribes were happy with it, as it ensured that everyone had a say, and not just those in close distance. The still active establishment of a meeting once a week was in place, meaning that the representatives still had time to be back with their home tribes.
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PostSubject: Re: History of Tawakina   Fri Sep 27 2013, 14:55

1940 to 1950

In 1943, Kingfordian explorer Hallgrim Christensen was exploring the mountain range south-east of the then Kingsley when he stumbled across a village in the ranges. Upon long discussions of Tawakin culture and history, the council decided to formally visit the nation from where these new people were from.

In 1945, after talks with the Kingfordian president, the nation of Tawakina was formed, and borders between it and Kingsley Bedford were made. Emredelle was renamed to Bordertown because it was chosen to be the border between them. The border still exists untouched today, directly north and south of the westernmost point of Bordertown.
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History of Tawakina
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