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 OOC in the Roleplay forums.

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PostSubject: OOC in the Roleplay forums.   Fri Sep 27 2013, 12:21

Hi all,

When creating a roleplay, and you require an OOC topic for it, simply just post an IC and an OOC topic for it. For example:

"To please a man... [IC]"
"To please a man... [OOC]"

In brackets, it should state important information about the topic, but often shortened. These are some shortened terms you may like to use:

IC = In Character. This means that the topic must be played from a character's perspective. In most cases a topic that is strictly In Character has an accompanying OOC topic to go with it.
OOC = Out Of Character. OOC topics are made to accompany IC topics and exist as a method of signing up or discussing the roleplay.

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PostSubject: Re: OOC in the Roleplay forums.   Fri Sep 27 2013, 14:41

Ok, yeah. maybe this is a better way to do this. I don't forum much, so it didn't occur to me to just create separate threads.
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OOC in the Roleplay forums.
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