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 FDR Regional Charter

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PostSubject: FDR Regional Charter   Wed Sep 25 2013, 13:20

We, the members, pursuing the goals outlined in this charter, hereby establish the Region of Federation of Democratic Republics.

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PostSubject: CHAPTER 1   Wed Sep 25 2013, 13:21

CHAPTER 1 - Regional Definitions

Article 1: People and Members
1) Members are nation who are residing in the area of the region, regardless of activity within the it, until they cease to exist or seperate from it.
2) People are human beings, regardless of race or background, who reside in, permanently or temporarily, any member of the region.

Article 2: Regional Formation
1) The region is formed on a democratic principle. All entities of the region must abide by this principle at all times.
2) The Charter is the supreme law of the region, it is directly binding to all regional entities.

Article 3 - Regional Symbols and Capital
1) The regional colours will be Green, Black and White.
2) The capital of the region shall be Grensen Kawatanga and the area shall be classified as independant territory, however maintaining the area shall be shared responsibility of the members of Kingsley Bedford and Tawakina.

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PostSubject: Re: FDR Regional Charter   Wed Sep 25 2013, 16:25

CHAPTER 2 - Regional Objectives

Article 4: General Constitutional Objectives
1) To outline the governing system of the region, and the rules to which it must abide.
2) To outline rights given to the region's members, and the values to which all will hold.
3) The region acknowledges the member's rights to uphold their own culture and beliefs, and as such the region will place no force upon languages or other cultural practices that do not go against any laws set out by this constitution.
4) Strives to establish further advancements in:
a) Welfare
b) Health Care
c) Preservation and Education of Culture
d) Preservation and Education of Historical Entities
e) Protection of Environment and upholding of Nature's right
f) Natural, Medical and Social Sciences

Article 5: Regional Security
1) The region promotes world peace. Acts undertaken to prepare war or otherwise disturb peaceful relations between any nations is prohibited.
2) The region will stay independent of any nations' international conflicts, excluding events covered by provision 3 below.
3) The region has a responsibility to prevent unlawful, unprovoked and terrorist attacks between members or targeting members.
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PostSubject: Re: FDR Regional Charter   

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FDR Regional Charter
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