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 Zeldrin International Airport, Tawakina

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Zeldrin International Airport, Tawakina Empty
PostSubject: Zeldrin International Airport, Tawakina   Zeldrin International Airport, Tawakina I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 12 2013, 03:01

[to be updated properly]
Zeldrin International Airport, Tawakina Tribal10
Profit margin: 3.5%
Flights currently serving:
Terminal 1 -- International Carriers
Gate A - Peace City International Airport, Peace City, Stomalia (Operated by Orcando Airlines, Stomalia)

Terminal 2 -- Tribal Airways and Kingfordian Airlines
Gate A - Vilamoura International Airport, Vilamoura, Vilamoura. (Operated by Tribal Airways)
Monday to Sunday
07:00 Flight TK001
19:00 Flight TK003
Monday to Sunday
08:00 Flight TK002
20:00 Flight TK004

Gate B - Sirushostan International Airport, Sirushostan, Kingsley Bedford. (Operated by Kingfordian Airlines)
Monday to Sunday
21:00 Flight KFB341
Monday to Sunday
07:30 Flight KFB342

Gate C -

Terminal 3 -- Regional Carriers
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Zeldrin International Airport, Tawakina
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