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 Let's get acquainted

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PostSubject: Let's get acquainted   Let's get acquainted I_icon_minitimeMon May 13 2013, 17:11

This is directed at my neighbors that really want to help make this an active region, but like myself have been waiting to "join in" on something.

I've pretty much followed a core group of nations from region to region since I've started. Along the way we've lost some and picked some up. This current region is the longest stay (for me), but also the least active. I think those are related. People sometimes were too concerned with "creating" play rather than "evolving it" and tempers flared when two visions didn't mesh.

Some of us here have long-standing relationships like this. Some of these are shared IC (KB, Lanos, Enpo when he's around) histories, and others are mostly OOC (KB and myself). But not everyone in the region has intertwining history at all.

So I propose we get to know each other. We can give a brief IC intro, include an OOC bit of trivia if you want, and maybe we can start to build these relationships. Some of us have detailed histories, so summarize the high points and recent events.

If you see some things that interest you, let's get some PMs flying. There are placeholders(nations I made up a name for that have no actual existence in the game) in my nation's history that someone might think fits them and they may want to incorporate some of that into their own. I'd be willing to retcon mine to get some activity here.

If we can get some more "real" relationships between, we can get some RP going in the appropriate sub forums. If we do this well, it won't seem contrived, and secondary and tertiary relationships.
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PostSubject: Ideas for jump starting   Let's get acquainted I_icon_minitimeMon May 13 2013, 17:18

I am also thinking of offering to try something I do when I run tabletop games to jumpstart things. If enough people are interested, I'll PM out a brief questionnaire to interested parties. It would have a few questions that are vague, but leading.

1) They would be different for everyone. They would be based on the introduction you make, and a scan of your nation's larger write up if you have one.
2) They would be meant to inspire only; there would be nothing binding about them. There would be questions you would ignore if they didn't fit, or even change ("Why did your nation refuse to do X" instead of "Why did your nation do X"). Just avoid making non-cosmetic decisions for other nations.

Mostly they would serve to create some connections between nations and spur ideas for regional stories.
If you haven't yet put a lot of thought into your nation's back-story, or if the details are flexible so long as the broad strokes remain the same, let me know.
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PostSubject: The Dominion of Greater Shul and Harsey   Let's get acquainted I_icon_minitimeMon May 13 2013, 17:55

Leader: Arch-President Paul Duncan.
Government: Republican Confederacy (currently under a decade of martial law).
Culture: a greater national identity is emerging as the federal level of government gains more power.

* Freedoms:
Political: Little, Civil Rights and Expression: Near Unlimited, Press: has full freedom, but limited access.
The federal government is essentially closed to the people while the nation operates under executive emergency power. Legislative elections happen, and local governments are left alone so long as their actions do not contradict federal laws. Sometimes, Duncan issues edicts, but usually instructs the legislature of an intent and leaves them to hammer out the details. The government tolerates voiced dissent, so long as it is peaceful. The press is censored only rarely. Each News organization is required to designate some of it's print space or media time to communicate messages from the government but are generally allowed to do what they wish with the rest.

* The People: The population remembers the war from a before, and for the most part accept the essential dictatorship that is Duncan's administration. His decisions are often unilateral, but do seem to be genuinely done for the greater good. There is some admission that this is not how the government is intended to work long term, but it is essential that the Confederation be stabilized. There is rumor that when things are "right" Arch-President Duncan will resign and turn himself over to the military to be tried for illegally holding power past his term. For now they are content, but as time passes it becomes harder to accept things as being "short term".

* "Personality": The Dominion is not aggressive, but doesn't react well to external interference. The government is as fair as it can be, and willing to compromise with neighbors for good relations and stability, but doesn't acknowledge or respond to demands.

[That history was written years ago, and I may retcon events to have occurred more recently.]

* The occupation: The northern portion of Shul's territory is a zone governed by the military. It is territory gained in the war that led to it's current political state. The enemy nation collapsed to a rebellion in it's north while confederate forces were fighting in it's south. So far there has been little discussion over the future of this district, though some push for incorporation while others hope to help direct them towards eventual and peaceful independence.

* The dictatorship. Nobody likes a dictator, even a nice one that half-admits his government may not be entirely legal.

OOC Stuff:
Real name Paul (last name not Duncan)
I live in the central U.S.
I am a software developer.
Hobbies include writing, tabletop gaming and motorcycling.
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Kingsley Bedford

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PostSubject: Re: Let's get acquainted   Let's get acquainted I_icon_minitimeSat May 18 2013, 08:05

IC Info:

Official name of nation: Kingfordian Republic of Kingsley Bedford
Current leader: President Mikhail Aruthyan Jr. (Election to be held later this year)
Government system: Parliamentary Democracy
Left/right: Left, centre-left

Kingsley Bedford was established in 2008 at the end of a 20 year territorial war. The country has remained peaceful since. Though terrorist attacks have occured against government figures.

The country is a multi-cultural country with many different diaspora's, the largest of which is the Lanosian diaspora from neighbouring Republic of Lanos. It also has a Scandinavian minority living in the western provinces of the country and in the capital of Sirushostan. The main religion is Christianity, but a range of religions are practiced by its multi-cultural community.

Kingsley Bedford is known for its natural beauty (which looks very similar to that of RL Nordic countries) and is a popular tourist spot for many international travellers.

It has a rich culture and love for the arts, especially music. Kingsley Bedford is well known on an international scale for its participation in the WorldVision Song Contest, which it has participated in 18 times... but is yet to win a contest. Sirushostan has also hosted the contest twice.

OOC Info:
Real name: Michael Romano
I live in Perth, Australia (but would love to move to Norway one day)
I am a devoted Eurovision Song Contest fan and proud of it
I have a keen interest in politics, and favour the Nordic model.
I am for gay marriage (though I am straight myself)
I despise conservatism and believe it holds the world back
I admire Yulia Tymoshenko and believe she is innocent and a victim of political persecution
Other hobbies include reading, writing and music
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PostSubject: Re: Let's get acquainted   Let's get acquainted I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 26 2013, 18:28

Since the nest is stirring again, I'll nudge this topic and invite everyone to add something.
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PostSubject: Re: Let's get acquainted   Let's get acquainted I_icon_minitime

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Let's get acquainted
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