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 Beldarianism; the Asiong Religion

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PostSubject: Beldarianism; the Asiong Religion   Beldarianism; the Asiong Religion I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 02 2012, 13:32


The Beldarians believe in polytheism, the idea of many gods and goddesses and one true God. They believe that the true omnipotent God Beldariaticus created the entire multiverse. Once having created our universe and Venoria, the founder of the Juanicans, Beldariaticus left the universe in order to create more life and universes.

Once created, Venoria, god of the Earth, took up residence in Mount Juanico, hence the term Juanicans. From there, he created a wife for him, Hala, goddess of the Sky. With this union, Hala gave birth to Ronduin, goddess of Water, Japlia, god of Life, Elenda, goddess of Wisdom, and Pharmakos, god of Peace.

Meanwhile, Beldariaticus' polar opposite, Sioris, has just recently arrived at this universe and created Nux, harbinger of Venoria. Nux secretly took up residence within Mount Siorion without the knowledge of the Juanicans and formed the Siorians, consisting of himself, Minerva, Nux's wife, and their children: Larticus, Hephades, Pomenos, and Funpire.

First Age
With the Juanicans now numbering at six, the gods and goddesses each gave in attributes to create human beings. This is what is known as the First Age. During the First Age, all humans lived in happiness and bliss and were able to live up to five hundred years. However, this all changed when the Siorians revealed themselves to the world and corrupted the humans with their own attributes.

With the men corrupted by the forces of evil and refusing to honor the gods, Venoria grew angry and planned to destroy all humans and ordered Hala and Ronduin to do the same. The world was covered with chaos and the First Age ended.

Second Age
After the First Age, the Juanicans once again created humans with great strength. But this time, their lifespans were decreased to two hundred years. It is at this time that the gods introduced the four seasons of the world and the men learned agriculture and warfare.

These mortals recognized the gods as their creators, unlike their predecessors from the First Age. The humans, together with the gods and the Hemaproheim, a race of mortals with fifty arms and three legs, created by Venoria, waged war against the Siorians.

Eventually, the Siorians were defeated temporarily. Being immortal like their Juanican counterparts, they cannot be killed. To ensure their banishment, the Siorians were sentenced to harsh punishments. Nux and Minerva were chained within the deepest depths of the ocean, where every day they were crushed by the great pressure and were healed every night for the process to continue for all eternity. Meanwhile their four children were cast into the Duat, the primordial abyss and the location where Beldariaticus once resided while he was creating this universe. The Duat has been corrupted by Sioris when he travelled to this universe and it now contains horrors and evil too great for even the Siorians to comprehend.
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Beldarianism; the Asiong Religion
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