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 Commend Lamoni

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PostSubject: Commend Lamoni   Commend Lamoni I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 16 2012, 00:20

ommend Lamoni
A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation

Nominee: Lamoni

Proposed by: Milograd

Description: The Security Council,

Acknowledging that the Free Republic of Lamoni is a nation that was founded with the goal of providing a formerly enslaved people a chance to live in freedom under an honorable government and to protect the aforementioned people from any dangers that they may face;

Recognizing that Lamoni has sponsored and steadfastly supported initiatives to combat human trafficking, tyranny, environmental degradation and pollution, while also promoting and aiding nations that serve the causes of liberty and justice;

Applauding the Lamonian government for sponsoring the creation of the Bacterial Oil Organization, a world famous energy distribution group that is renowned for being environmentally-friendly and for working towards reducing humanity's carbon footprint;

Approving of the Lamonian condemnation of the Blackhelm Confederacy, a nation that was condemned by the Security Council's 59th resolution, and the Lamonian government’s steadfast efforts to prosecute war against Confederate piracy, wars of aggression, human rights violations, wanton invasions of peaceful states, and plundering of foreign resources;

Observing that Andrew Stinson, the current President of the Free Republic, decisively signed the renowned anti-slavery Castlegate Declaration in an effort to liberate slaves from their oppressors;

Recalling that Lamoni played a vital role in the war to liberate Greater tezdrian, another nation that was condemned by the Security Council (via Security Council Resolution #20, "Condemn Greater Tezdrian"), and that Lamoni and its ally Lyras were responsible for freeing the slaves of Tezdrian;

Noting that the Lamonian-Ixanian Arms Company, which was founded in Lamoni and operated by the Lamonian government, has supplied countless free peoples with means of defending themselves from the tyranny of foreign aggression and subjugation while refraining from selling weaponry to violent and oppressive states;

Praising the resolve displayed by the Free Republic when it has time and again demonstrated its sterling reputation of remaining unbowed, undaunted, and unbroken when it suffered forced migration, foreign aggression, and nuclear attack;

Further recognizing Lamonian efforts to serve the causes of justice, freedom, peace, and the betterment of the human race in spite of such perils;

Extolling the Lamonian state’s present continuation of these policies, its history of garnering the support of its neighbors in the civilized world, and its superb leadership in global efforts to achieve them;

Believing that a nation with such a applaudable, longstanding record of such a nature is deserving of commendation;

Hereby Commends Lamoni.
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Commend Lamoni
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