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 GA: Protecting Privacy

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PostSubject: GA: Protecting Privacy   GA: Protecting Privacy I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 10 2012, 14:26

Protecting Privacy
A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights.

Category: Human Rights

Strength: Significant

Proposed by: Topid

Description: The General Assembly,

Recognizing that privacy is an important right that when abused can lead a person to be shunned or shamed,

Believing governments should respect the privacy of their citizens,

Defining privacy as the right of any person, business, church or organization to:
• Keep personal information secret (such as one's sexuality, beliefs, occupation, income level, activities or hobbies, or any other aspect of their lifestyle),
• Have one's property undisturbed or be free of examinations, searches, or use by others,
• Keep one's contact information and the location of their home or other identifiers secret,
• Conceal the activities and objects that occur and exist within one's privacy and out of view of the public

Defining probable cause as enough evidence to justify a belief that a crime has been committed and that certain property was associated with that crime or may contain evidence of that crime,

Demands member states not infringe on the privacy of members of their nation except in the conditions allowed in this resolution,

Allows member states to do the following:
• Violate privacy in the process of an investigation of a crime with probable cause and the proper approval of an independent judge or independent government official,
• Search or investigate any property or people entering the nation for the purpose of preventing smuggling,
• Gather information from people or entities in the nation for the purposes of taxation and census,
• Infringe on the privacy of anyone seeking employment from the government including potential leaders of the nation,
• Demand information from anyone seeking employment or payment or benefits from the government, or anyone in a position of power within the government,
• Violate a person's security when that person enters an area which is at high risk for an attack, or which is secure in nature, a high risk area would be an area where hundreds of people could be injured in one place like tourist locations or airplanes, and a secure area shall be a military or other vital points,

Forbids the publishing of any information about any specific person or entity which the government gathers by carrying out the above powers except in following cases:
• Any evidence gathered during a trial may be shared or published only after charges are made, and then only so long as the information is relevant to the final result of proving guilt or innocence,
• Census data about specific respondents may be shared after all the people in the nation that were alive at the time of census can be reasonably assumed to be dead,
• Any leader or person employed by the government may have income and financial information shared if the nation feels it is important for transparency reasons,

Notes that if a person or entity wishes to consent to have its privacy infringed upon, so long as the consent is given willingly without coercion, the person or entity may waive privacy rights,

Clarifies that this resolution restricts governmental action, and nothing in this resolution either restricts or allows private firms and individuals to infringe on privacy.
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GA: Protecting Privacy
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