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 World Assembly Trade Rights

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Kingsley Bedford

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PostSubject: World Assembly Trade Rights   World Assembly Trade Rights I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 25 2012, 05:47

World Assembly Trade Rights
A resolution to reduce barriers to free trade and commerce.

Category: Free Trade

Strength: Strong

Proposed by: Auralia

Description: Regretting that World Assembly member nations often face harmful and unnecessary barriers in their trade with other member nations,

Emphasizing that these barriers ultimately serve as obstacles to the economic prosperity of all member nations,

Recognizing that these barriers therefore constitute a serious hazard to national populations,

The General Assembly,

Grants the following rights to each member nation:

the right, for a good or service originating from said nation, to receive the most favourable trade preference from any other member nation that said other nation grants to any other member nation for the same type of good or service,

the right, for a good or service originating from said nation, to have applied the same taxes or regulations by any other member nation that said other nation applies to the same type of good or service of domestic origin, at least once the good or service has legally entered that nation,

the right to create or maintain existing free trade areas or customs unions, so long as such areas or unions ultimately lower trade barriers between their members, not raise trade barriers for non-members;

Clarifies that member nations may suspend their individual responsibilities under the above provision in the following cases:

in the event of a significant disparity in labour, environmental or human rights standards, or to ensure reasonable quality control on goods and services, but only if such a suspension does not constitute discrimination between goods and services from different member nations with similar issues,

to apply domestic subsidies, or to protect domestic industries against a discriminatory subsidy applied by another member nation, so long as any retaliation in the latter case is directly proportional to the original subsidy,

to protect vital national security interests during serious international disputes or times of war, or

to develop any other additional reasonable and appropriate trade regulations that are consistent with the goals of this resolution, as well as the interests of sustainable development and poverty reduction, either unilaterally through domestic legislation or collectively through World Assembly
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PostSubject: Re: World Assembly Trade Rights   World Assembly Trade Rights I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 30 2012, 04:40

Next time in your polls, can you put an ABSTAIN option please?
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World Assembly Trade Rights
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